DuPont™ AirGuard® A2 FR

Product Code: RA4A2FRDU

DuPont AirGuard® A2 FR enhances the building fabric in terms of airtightness, energy efficiency and moisture management, improving indoor air quality and providing exceptional fire safety to the building and its occupants.


Surpassing the Fire Regulations

Today the fire performance of materials used in buildings is under closer scrutiny than ever before and the regulations continue to be updated. DuPont has introduced a step change in their building membranes offering: a fire retardant AVCL with European Fire Classification A2.

Membrane & Tape System – Independent Classification: A2-s1,d0

For DuPont AirGuard® A2 FR AVCL (1.2m x 50m) to provide effective airtightness and vapour control it is crucial that all laps, junctions and penetrations are sealed. In order to give assurance that a complete system is ‘fire-safe’, a full system test, including vertical and horizontal lap sealing with AirGuard® FR System Tape has been successfully tested according EN 13501-1 at the Prüfinstitut Hoch -> Classification Report, KB-Hoch-200148-5, 18th August 2021.

Fire Classification surpasses all national building regulations and standards for construction materials used in walls in the UK and Ireland

  • Fire-retardant
  • Suitable for all building types, heights and proximities

Tested and classified for free-span, on mineral wool slab, gypsum plasterboard or fibre cement board

  • Suitable for all building types, heights and proximities
  • Suitable for high humidity buildings, such as swimming pool halls etc

Exceptional tear and tensile strength characteristics

  • Durability

CE Marking (BBA certification pending)

  • Independently certified, showing aged results

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Weight 5.5 kg