Cellecta, respond to a rapidly growing underfloor heating market with the launch of Mojave®

Cellecta, the UK specialist Acoustic and Thermal Insulation manufacturer have launched their Mojave® dry laid underfloor heating system. The system brings together a series of well-known components consisting of high-performance acoustic layers, XFLO® high-compressive strength extruded polystyrene (XPS), ULTRAplate aluminium diffuser plates or foiled faced (XPS), topped off with award winning overlay board ScreedBoard® 20.

With this system, Cellecta, have placed a greater emphasis on response times, lower running costs and thinner floor solutions. Mojave® provides a dry, robust and reliable floor build-up from one source.

The Mojave® system offers the heating & plumbing sector a one-stop-shop to source the majority of the components required, minimising the number of deliveries to manage and invoices to process.

Mojave S1-3 available at Belgrade
Published On: July 17, 2020