Looking for duct insulation?

Speak to our supplier trained teams to explore the benefits of Kingspan’s Kooltherm Duct and Kingspan Therma Duct Insulation.

Both are designed for use on rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork in building service and HVAC applications.

Some of the product highlights of Kooltherm Duct Insulation include:

✅It can be used to insulate ductwork installed indoors

✅Specified thermal performance standards can be achieved with thinner insulation and space can be optimised

✅Available with FM Approval

Some of the benefits of Therma Duct Insulation are:

✅It can be used to insulate ductwork and associated equipment outdoors

✅Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects across many sectors

✅Lightweight and easy to handle making the product quick to install

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Published On: May 16, 2024