Trimming down costs with thinner XPS insulation: Ravago Building Solutions UK introduces new thicknesses to overcome cost rise challenges

With most XPS insulation boards, you may need multiple layers to help reach the overall building performance required by new Part L standards – but this means higher material, labour, and transport costs – not to mention the associated carbon footprint.

As costs in construction continue to soar, reducing the amount of product needed can save you time and money. High-performance insulation can easily deliver exceptional thermal performance with just a single layer. If you can achieve target U-values with a thinner board, costs can be even lower.

To help, we have introduced new thicknesses to our market-leading Ravatherm XPS X insulation – with a lambda value as low as 0.030W/Mk enabling more choice and thinner solutions.
✔️ Heavy Duty Floors
✔️ Inverted Flat Roofs
✔️ Basement Walls and Floors

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Published On: November 4, 2022