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URSA 10 Loft Roll and URSA 10 DIVERSO

Product Code: NA144UR

URSA 10 Loft Roll is a lightweight, unfaced, glass wool roll.


URSA 10 Loft Roll is a lightweight, non-combustible, unfaced glass mineral wool product for use as loft insulation in cold pitched roofs. It is available in two formats for use between joists at 400mm or 600mm centres: URSA 10 Loft Roll – split into 2 x 570mm wide rolls. URSA 10 Diverso Loft Roll – perforated to allow it to be split into either 2 x 570mm or 3 x 380mm wide rolls. URSA 10 Loft Roll has a thermal conductivity of 0.044 W/mK


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  • Outstanding product quality manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Systems.
  • URSA Loft Roll does not use chemical blowing agents and so the Global Warming Potential (GWP) arising from it is zero.
  • It is possible to meet the Building Regulation requirement with only 300mm of URSA Loft Roll.
  • Our new generation URSA TERRA mineral wool has a ‘soft touch’ feel making it easier to handle and install whilst still maintaining its excellent mechanical properties.
  • Insulating pitched roofs at horizontal ceiling level is the most cost effective way of insulating new buildings or upgrading existing.
  • URSA Loft Roll has excellent sound insulation characteristics and enhances the acoustic comfort of the building.
  • URSA mineral wool is manufactured from an abundant, sustainable resource and may utilises at least 50% glass waste.
  • Perforated URSA DIVERSO Loft Roll allows it to be used in full, half or third width options. Handling URSA Loft Roll is lightweight yet tough, resilient and easy to install. It is easily cut using a sharp knife.
  • Compaction of the rolls in their manufacture saves space in both storage and transport.
  • URSA Loft Roll is rot-proof, durable and maintenance free. It is non-hygroscopic and will not slump in normal use. All of our products carry the CE Mark to show compliance with the harmonised European Standard BS EN 13162 and are quality assured to ISO 9001.


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