Tyvek® StructureGuard™

Product Code: RA4SGDU

Whether your project is residential or commercial, Tyvek® StructureGuard offers a BBA-certified solution made from high-density polyethylene. The high-quality membrane assures first-class air and moisture management, making it the ideal choice for modern-day architects.


When sourcing materials for commercial buildings, you’ll want a product that’s robust, breathable and reliable. Introducing Tyvek® StructureGuard, the latest in vapour-open breather membrane technology from DuPont. This durable, lightweight membrane provides long-lasting protection against the elements and is ideal for timber walls, metal-frame systems, masonry and internal insulation upgrades.

Feature Benefit
Lightweight & flexible
  • Easy to install
Wind-tight and water-resistant
  • Protection from the elements, longer life
  • Long term performance
Works with metal-frame systems, internal insulation upgrades and masonry
  • Ideal for low and multi-occupancy buildings

DuPont™ Tyvek® StructureGuard Technical Datasheet


Declaration of Performance


Tyvek StructureGuard BBA Certificate


DuPont™ Tyvek® StructureGuard Installation