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ROCKWOOL® Fire Duct Systems

Product Code: BC2RW

Fire protection of steel ductwork is important to stop the spread of fire through building services, which if breached can allow fire to spread rapidly throughout the building. Fire Duct Systems provide fire protection to circular and rectangular steel ductwork (in vertical and horizontal applications).


There are three products within the ROCKWOOL Fire Duct System; Fire Duct Slab, Fire Duct Section and Fire Duct PSM, each specially designed for different applications. Fire Duct Slab is composed of high density insulation slab which is faced with reinforced aluminium foil. Fire Duct Section is made up of high density pre-formed pipe section faced with reinforced aluminium foil. Fire Duct PSM is formed of high density slab with factory machined grooves to allow for installation around larger circular ducts, again reinforced with aluminium foil.

Fire Duct Slab is best suited to rectangular duct applications. The alternative ROCKWOOL solutions are designed for circular ductwork; Fire Duct Section for ducts of a diameter between 60mm and 610mm, and Fire Duct PSM for circular ducts with a diameter greater than 610mm. Fire Duct PSM is available for diameters greater than 406mm providing a choice of installation options.

The ROCKWOOL Fire Duct Systems provide comprehensive performance for stability, integrity and insulation, for all ducts passing through fire-rated walls or floors.

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  • The time you need – ROCKWOOL Fire Duct Systems provide up to 2 hours of fire protection to maintain stability, integrity and insulation of steel ductwork.
  • A safe specification – fully tested to BS476-24 (duct types A and B) for preventing fire spread from one compartment to another.
  • Appropriate for applications to standard DW 144/42 ductwork.
  • Flexible installation — suitable for use with a range of fixing options including; welded pins, alternative joint methods, mitre-joint fixing and mitre-joint methods.


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17 x 40mm, 76 x 40mm, 102 x 40mm, 108 x 40mm, 114 x 40mm, 127 x 40mm, 140 x 40mm, 159 x 40mm, 169 x 40mm, 194 x 40mm, 205 x 40mm, 219 x 40mm, 253 x 40mm, 305 x 40mm, 318 x 40mm, 356 x 40mm, 406 x 40mm, 76 x 90mm, 102 x 90mm, 108 x 90mm, 114 x 90mm, 127 x 90mm, 140 x 90mm, 159 x 90mm, 169 x 90mm, 194 x 90mm, 205 x 90mm, 219 x 90mm, 253 x 90mm, 305 x 90mm, 318 x 90mm, 356 x 90mm, 406 x 90mm

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