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Kay-Metzeler Kay-Cel EPS500

Product Code: QA1500KM

An innovative and cost-effective floor insulation solution, this Kay-cell slab possesses several features that make it ideal for a range of different structures, particularly newer builds that depend on materials meeting the latest building requirements. 


Kay-Metzeler Ltd produce a number of different flooring insulation panels. Kay-Cel, available in sheet or block in various grades from EPS 70, EPS 100, EPS 150, EPS 200, EPS 250, EPS 300 and EPS 500.

All Kay-Cel flooring panels are delivered to site wrapped in polythene. The panels should be stored in the original wrapping, under cover and protected from direct sunlight. Panels should be kept above ground level and out of contact with solvents and materials containing volatile organic compounds such as coal tar, pitch or timber recently treated with creosote. Do not expose to naked flame or other ignition sources during storage or installation.

Ensure that the concrete sub-floor or suspended concrete floor is dry, smooth and level to within 5mm when measured with a 3m straight edge. Minor irregularities up to 10mm may be levelled with a motor levelling screed. Irregularities greater than this must be removed.

Where possible, electrical conduits, gas and water pipes or other services should be contained within ducts or channels within the concrete slab. Where this is not possible, the services may be accommodated within the thickness of the floor insulation provided they are securely fixed to the concrete slab. Water pipes must be
pre-lagged with proprietary material and the floor insulation must be cut back to maintain at least 5mm clear air space between any insulated hot pipes.

For floors incorporating chipboard overlays, where access to the services is desirable, a duct may be formed by mechanically fixing to the floor timber bearers of the same thickness as the insulation to provide support for a chipboard cover. The duct should be as narrow as possible and not exceed the maximum chipboard spans recommended in BS7916:1998.

Any PVC sheathed cable should be run in conduit. EPS panels should be cut with a sharp knife to fit accurately around the services.

  • Offers a range of solutions to the new building regulations
  • Easy to handle and cut
  • Thinner boards
  • Long lasting efficient thermal insulation which will remain effective for the life of the building.
  • Performance does not deteriorate with age
  • British Board of Agreement certification on flooring insulation
  • Simple to install without the need of special tools
  • 100% recyclable
  • Cost effective
  • Completely CFC and HCFC free
  • Thermal Value from 0.038 to 0.033 W/mK


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