DuPont™ Trifecta®

Product Code: RA4015025A2TFDU

DuPont Tyvek® Trifecta is a robust, non-combustible breather membrane suited for high-rise and high-risk commercial and residential buildings with 3-in-1 underlaying properties of A2 (s1,d0), W1 and 0.416 MNsg / SD 0.08m.


Tyvek® Trifecta is a non-combustible and robust breather membrane suited for high-rise and high-risk commercial and residential buildings with 3-in-1 underlaying properties of A2 (s1,d0), W1 and 0.416 MNsg / SD 0.08m.​

Tyvek® Trifecta doesn’t produce droplets or emit smoke when subjected to flame, making it a great choice for fire risk averse build-up designs. It is engineered for fast and easy installation with non-combustible A2 tape.

Airtight and watertight yet vapour-open, the Tyvek® Trifecta breather membrane also contributes to energy conservation and climate control, improving the comfort of occupants and contributing to higher internal air quality.​

Tyvek® Trifecta is the unique long-term protection solution every builder can trust.

Feature Benefit
Performs to Euroclass A2 (s1, d0) standards
  • Enhances fire risk averse designs and improves fire safety throughout a building’s lifespan
Highest level W1 class water-holdout
  • Delivers consistent weatherproofing performance and outstanding resistance to water, wind-blown rain/snow and dust
  • Preserves U-value and maximizes Lambda-value when positioned upfront in a building envelope
Superior breathability to 0.416 MNsg / SD 0.08m
  • High breathability delivers top-class water vapour permeability
All-in-one weatherproofing solution
  • Provides independently proven reassurance by meeting and exceeding all stringent requirements applicable to fire risk & weatherproofing
Lighter weight product
  • Provides higher cost saving and carbon footprint efficiency on-site due to less complex logistical operation required
  • Lighter weight reduces the sophistication of fixings required for temporary and permanent clasping fastening
  • Contributes to lesser carbon footprint deriving from fuel consumption for logistics
Wider dimension of the roll reaching 1500 mm
  • Provides higher productivity on-site due to bigger coverage attained and reduced man-hours required
  • Bigger coverage reduces the quantity of laps hence lower usage of ancillaries, such as tapes
12 months of free exposure and UV resistance
  • Provides wiggle room for project schedule at the same time permitting compliance with installation guidelines
  • Supports better quality of façade installation by attaining weatherproofed first-line of defence for 12 months
  • Permits cost saving by mitigating the risk of exceeding the maximum permitted time for free exposure to UV
Best-in-class 25-year warranty
  • Provides confidence and peace of mind due to extensive warranty covering 25 years
  • Warranty covers primary performance properties of breathability and water-holdout reassuring of the durability

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