DuPont™ AirGuard® Reflective

Product Code: RA4A2FRDU-1

DuPont AirGuard® A2 FR enhances the building fabric in terms of airtightness, energy efficiency and moisture management, improving indoor air quality and providing exceptional fire safety to the building and its occupants.


This strong 100% airtight vapour barrier is specially designed to give maximum thermal performance. Recommended for use with Tyvek® Reflex products, AirGuard® Reflective provides a good way to improve U-values in buildings. A highly vapour and water-resistant low emissivity internal vapour barrier, it considerably reduces interstitial condensation as well as improves thermal efficiency by reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat.

Some of the features and benefits are listed below:

Water vapour transmission (SD) 2000m

  • Considerably reduces risk of condensation into the insulation

Reflective surface

  • Considerably reduces convective heat losses

Superior mechanical strength

  • Durability


  • Independently certified, showing aged results