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Your quick guide to fire rated plasterboard

Also known as pink plasterboard, this type of plasterboard is essential for any construction project, ensuring your building’s safety and structural integrity by limiting the spread of fire. Any construction project is required to have at least 30 minutes of fire resistance by regulations, and our products help you not only meet, but surpass, these crucial standards.

Crafted with glass fibre and other non-combustible materials, we only stock products with superior plasterboard fire resistance to get you the most bang for your buck. Before making your choice, consider these key points to find the ideal fireproof plasterboard for your needs.

How to choose the right product for you

Selecting the right solution is crucial for safety, however, choosing the right one depends on several factors:

Fire rating: Measured in minutes, the fire rating indicates how long the plasterboard can withstand heat before breaking down. With the baseline starting at 30 minutes, our range goes way beyond the minimum timings to ensure maximum protection for your project.

Thickness and composition: Thicker boards can generally improve overall fire resistance, which should be something you consider before you buy. Similarly, consider the composition – some plasterboards feature extra layers or coatings for enhanced protection. Our range includes a range of thicknesses, brands and styles to meet your specific needs.

Enquire today so we can find the right product for you and ensure your project meets the highest safety standards.

Benefits of our fire resistant plasterboard for your business:

  • Enhanced fire safety: Our products are durable, long lasting and effective, making sure to protect your property, assets, and occupants by delaying the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Compliance: Surpassing the standard 30-minute plasterboard fire rating, our products help you easily meet fire safety regulations and insurance requirements.
  • Versatility: Available in various sizes and configurations, our pink plasterboard suits different building layouts and fire protection needs. Use it for floors, walls, ceilings, partitions, and more.
  • Peace of mind: Minimise potential financial and operational disruptions from fire incidents, giving your project a solid, safe start.

Investing in fireproof plasterboard from Belgrade Insulations & Drylining ensures robust fire protection solutions tailored to commercial needs. Browse our range today and safeguard your business against fire risks effectively.

Unsure what type of fire rated plasterboard you need? Speak to our specialists today.

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